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Your company’s logo is an important part of making a good first impression. It is the most prominent part of your brand, identifying that your products and services are distinct from your competitors. Your logo helps you have instant recognition with your customers. A logo may be purely graphic, or incorporate your organization’s name.


Your logo and your brand tell people about your company’s style, audience, and personality. We can help you build or reinvigorate your brand to make sure you’re consistently projecting the right impression to customers (and competitors).


At fastpixel communications, we help you tie your overall image together with a consistent brand and visual identity. We’ll help you ensure your name, logo, and all the design features on your products and materials reflect what you want people to know about your organization.



Graphic design is about more than making your product or service look appealing; fastpixel communications uses visuals to help tell the story of your company, using creative talents to bring your strategy to life.


Our team helps you tie the various all aspects of your marketing together, with a consistent look, feel, and tone. We’ll help you understand the tools available to you, and choose the right ones to reach the right audience, achieve your goals, and get the message across.


Web Design

It’s not enough to just have a website anymore. Your home on the World Wide Web needs to be easy to use and easy to find.


With fastpixel communications, website design, development and hosting can be easier than ever. We help you make sure your website:

  1. looks great;
  2. is easy for customers to find and use; and
  3. is easy for you and your organization to maintain.


You can rest assured your website has the best graphics, photography and videography so you project the right image. We’ll make sure your site includes the right terms so people searching will find your website, and that the site looks great whether people view it on their laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet. And of course, we make it as easy as possible for you to update the site once it’s up and running, with the information and analytics you need to get the most out of your digital presence



Digital media are great, but don’t count print out just yet. fast pixel communications helps you put your best foot forward with quality design and print products. We maintain your brand and tie your digital presence to the real world. If you need it printed, fastpixel communications can help.




The Process

  1. Meeting your needs is the number one priority at fastpixel communications, so all our projects start with a meeting to understand your goals and objectives. Coffee is on us, and we will come to you—after all, we want this to be easy for you!
  2. Together, we set clear objectives, establish deadlines, and identify any limitations within, around, or related to the project.
  3. Based on our discussions, we will develop a budget for your review.
  4. Once you approve the budget, we start developing the concept and design.
  5. We will provide the concept and design, including our rationale, for you to review.
  6. 6. You provide your comments, and we use them to revise as necessary. We will keep working until you are happy.
  7. Once you’re happy with the digital design, we print you a proof for your approval. If it’s a print project, this step will also include proofs from the printing house before your materials are printed and delivered.
  8. Then, you get all the files: originals, print, digital. If you need any other format or size, we provide them at no charge. It’s important to us that you own your brand, not us.
  9. Even after the project is done, we give you lifetime support.



As a small business, fastpixel communications understands that paying for services like ours can seem intimidating or impossible. So, we work with you to find payment plans that work for your organization; nothing is set in stone.


Our usual process is to take partial payment at the start of a project, a second payment partway through, and the final payment when the project is complete. Remember, we want you to be satisfied, so you make that final payment only after you’re happy with what we’ve produced!

Ready to start your Project?

No matter the client or the project fastpixel communications will work with you to produce the best result for your organization.



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